Why Technology Should Be Part Of Every Senior Citizen’s Life

Seniors have witnessed medical technology that resulted in successful organ transplants, artificial hearts, and the eradication of numerous diseases. The first space shuttle and men walking on the moon were witnessed by seniors on a television set that came on the scene for the average family in the 1950s. The internet has opened more doors for seniors in the area of social connections. All seniors should have the opportunity to be online and enjoying what the latest technology has to offer in ways that enhance their health, keep them connected to distant family and friends, and provide access to world happenings.

Staying Socially Engaged

It’s always best to spend time with friends and loved ones in person, but it’s not always possible. Social media, email, and video-chat programs (Skype, FaceTime) allow friends and family to stay in touch with letters, photos, and face-to-face chatting on the computer, tablet, or phone. Being able to see the new grandchild in the hospital seconds after it is born is emotionally rewarding for the grandparents who live 500 miles away. Technology erases distance and brings people together, which lowers the risk of depression and loneliness.

Exercise Of Mind And Body

Exercise is important for both mind and body. Technology brings exercise programs into the home with the Wii game system and others. Low impact exercise that helps seniors keep moving is essential to strong bones and a healthy heart. There are also fun and healthy games for bowling and dancing. In addition to keeping the body in shape, games can give the brain exercise. Word, puzzle, and strategy games can be downloaded to tablets and computers and played alone or with a partner. Senior community centers and libraries offer training in the use of computers, tablets, and other electronic devices. Grandchildren are also great teachers when it comes to electronic games.

Monitoring Health

Smartphone apps, such as RxmindMe and Personal Caregiver, help seniors overcome the challenges of keeping track of their daily medications and prescription refill dates. Some seniors take more than 10 pills a day, and each has specific instructions. Apps help individuals to adhere to their doctor’s prescribed medication schedule.

Technology can add pleasure to a senior’s life, enhance their mental and physical health, and provide a safety factor. Get the older members of your family involved in technology that matches their interests. Social media, games, email, and live chats are all enjoyed by seniors. Smartphones, tablets, and computers should be part of every senior’s life.


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