Managing Specific Diet Recommendations is an Integral Part of Our Overall Care Plan

At LifeServices, our Care Teams, including a dietician and the culinary staff, works closely with each resident to create delicious meals that meet their physician’s specific diet requirements. Understanding and addressing each resident’s individual dining needs is an important part of our overall care plan.
Mother daughter dining screen
A Variety of Delicious, Healthy Foods at Every Meal 
Our dining program includes:
  • Three well-balanced, nutritious meals every day with choice of entrée
  • Home-cooked meals that support our residents’ changing nutritional needs
  • Healthy eating plans that incorporate seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • To-the-table dining services that encourage social interaction and friendships
  • Fresh fruit, snacks and beverages are always available
  • Menus that highlight holidays, birthdays and special occasions
  • Special themed meals for family nights
  • Private dining room for special occasions with loved ones

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