The Benefits of Aging in Place

At LifeServices, our unique approach allows us to promote our ‘Aging in Place’ philosophy. This distinctive care concept offers each resident the flexibility to modify their care options as health needs or life circumstances change while they continue to live in their own apartment home. Our caring staff provides any personalized services that individuals or couples may need, and offers a smooth and comfortable transition from one level of care to the next. Our Aging in Place philosophy provides residents with greater peace of mind for changing circumstances such as:

  • If health conditions should change, additional services can be delivered directly to residents at their own apartment home as needed.
  • Couples or partners who age at different paces are able to continue living together and receive the care they need without one having to fill the role of caregiver for the other. This is especially beneficial in situations where one resident is suffering from a dementia-related disease.
  • Because we offer multiple levels of care, moving from one level to another is an easy and stress-free transition, without moving into another part of our Community. Our knowledgeable and caring staff takes care of all the details and helps make the process easier for both residents and their families.

At LifeServices communities, you can rest assured that we will adapt to your loved ones’ changing needs, so they can age comfortably.

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